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What we do

Humane dog population management

Our spay-neuter outreach clinics have sterilised over 25,000 animals, tackling the root cause of animal suffering by actively reducing the number of unwanted puppies. Dogstar has partnered with Best Care Animal Hospital’s highly skilled veterinary team to bring animal welfare directly to the communities that need it the most. 

Care for cats

Dogstar isn’t all about the dogs! With a female cat able to have three litters a year of up to six kittens each time, the cat population in Sri Lanka has spiralled out of control.
Our community outreach clinics offer free spay-neuter services to cat owners and feline welfare and rehoming groups.

Rabies vaccination programs

Rabies is one of the worlds most deadly and feared diseases – and once symptoms develop, death is inevitable. It doesn’t have to be this way however as rabies is a 100% vaccine-preventable disease that we believe that no one should ever die from.
Working with Mission Rabies as their country partner, Dogstar has vaccinated over 19,000 of Sri Lanka’s dogs in a quest to put a stop to rabies’ deaths on the island once and for all.

Animal welfare education

Children are the future of animal welfare, and by challenging and developing concepts of ownership within the younger generation we can create a lasting change in attitude that will benefit all animals.
In partnership with Edinburgh University, Dogstar is also developing education projects and continued professional development for veterinary professionals.

Street dog health care

Street dogs in Sri Lanka face a variety of life-threatening challenges every day – but Dogstar works tirelessly to ensure skin conditions are not one of them. By treating dogs for the worms, ticks, mites and parasites that can make their life a living hell, we can transform their world, and give them both their hair and their lives back.

Charity social responsibity

Our community is the lifeblood of our work and it’s only by supporting each other that we can achieve lasting change together.
With this in mind, Dogstar sponsors the Breakfast Club at Yawajeewa School to ensure children from disadvantaged backgrounds who are unable to access mainstream education receive a hot meal every single day. As a result, attendance and performance has increased and the children are now able to achieve their full potential.

Current appeals

Emergency hospitalisation fund

Providing critical care for injured animals 

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