You can transform animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

A little community making a big impact.

That’s the Dogstar effect.

Unlike your pampered pets, a Sri Lankan Street dog can face life alone.

In Sri Lanka, current laws don’t protect dogs from abuse or neglect. And when there are more dogs than homes, unwanted puppies are left on the road, hundreds of thousands of dogs roam the streets, and the endemic threat of rabies continues.

It’s dangerous for the whole community when a dog isn’t loved. But it doesn’t have to be a dog’s life. You’re putting evidence-based treatments to work. Starting with one dog, you can change a street. A town. And through education, a generation. 

Your donation creates a ripple of good that just keeps going and going and going...


You make a difference

45,491Dogs sterilised
66,979Rabies vaccinations
3,497Cats sterilised


It’s not all about the dogs. We’re also in the business of restoring nine lives wherever possible. 

The cat population in Sri Lanka has spiralled out of control. Each cat can have three litters of up to six kittens in a single year. That’s why you’re powering free spay-neuter services to cat owners, and feline welfare and rehoming groups. 

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Social Responsibility 

Thanks to you, we can give back to the communities we work in. Your generosity funds the Breakfast Club at Yawajeewa School. Each day, you ensure that disadvantaged children receive a hot meal. Upping attendance and helping every child reach their full potential. Thank you. 

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