Animal Welfare in Sri Lanka

Why dog overpopulation is like

a leaking tap and how you help fix it

Spay Neuter Outreach Program

Our mobile spay neuter outreach programs have sterilised over 22000 animals. Tacking the root causes of animal suffering

Animal Welfare Education

Education is a fundamental part of our plan to develop community-responsibility for animal welfare and health

Rabies Eradication

As the Mission Rabies Sri Lanka Partner, we are delivering mass Rabies vaccination programs that are saving animal and human lives

Street dog skin care

Taking welfare to the streets, our street dog skin care program is providing vital veterinary care to stray dogs suffering from Mange and skin disease


The street dog who inspired

our charity

The Problems

The current Animal welfare laws in Sri Lanka are 109 years old and offer little or no protection to owned animals that suffer due to irresponsible or ill informed ownership, animals are often permanently chained or kennelled , with their emotional and physical needs severely neglected. hundreds of thousands of roaming dogs face additional challenges including illegal poisoning or relocations from Tourist areas. Rabies is endemic in Sri Lanka with dogs as main reservoirs and transmitters of this fatal disease, the animal welfare issues we are tackling also have a significant impact on human health and wellbeing.

The Solutions

Since 2006 Dogstar Foundation and our International partners have been transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka . Dogstar has always worked closely with Sri Lankan communities, Vets and local authorities to provide humane dog population management , Mass Rabies vaccination programs, education leading to attitude change and the development of veterinary practice. A dog charity with a difference , taking a scientific and evidence led approach to animal welfare , committed to tackling welfare issues at the root causes and providing sustainable solutions. As a founding member of The Animal Welfare Coalition of Sri Lanka we advocate for new and improved animal welfare legislation.

A pedigree problem

Its not just street dogs that need help , backyard breeders are causing a serious animal welfare issue in Sri Lanka

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