20000th animal vaccinated against Rabies in Sri Lanka

Dog and cat rabies vaccination program sri lanka

Today the aptly named Joy was the 20000th animal ever Rabies vaccinated by the Dogstar Foundation team here in Sri Lanka.

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Dear World , how are you ?

Dear World , how are you?

In 2013 Toby a 5 year little boy from the UK wrote to me as part of his plan to write to every UN Country in the world

Toby is now aged 8 and a  published author , our letter exchange and those to many other countries are now in his lovely book  Dear World, how are you ?  which was released yesterday in Hardback and on Kindle

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You can’t pour from an empty cup


Not a day goes by that every single person in animal welfare globally does not receive heart felt , desperate pleas for help and the awful and brutal reality is that we cannot help every animal

Please can I ask that if you do reach out to a welfare group you respect their answer, if they have reached their capacity for care and they know this than applaud them for being responsible and please don’t tell them the animals will die because they said no , that is a dreadful burden to place on those who already do so much

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Support Sunshine


Sunshine needs your to help get her fur back 

Sunshine was found crying in the middle of road near our office , she has literally been ripping her skin off as she has both demodex mange and scabies .

We are predominantly a spay / neuter service and we can only help dogs like Sunshine with your support ,

Sunshine is now safe in a foster home and receiving treatment and lots of great food and she already has a fantastic sunny nature hence her name

You can support Sunshine on her road to recovery

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Buying a Pedigree dog in Sri Lanka


We talk a lot about the problems of uncared for street dogs in Sri Lanka, we talk about the animal welfare issues facing owned dogs that are permanently chained and kennelled but there is a another group of dogs here that can suffer pretty much in plain sight,  breed / pedigree dogs.

I have a breed dog and this long (sorry) post is his story

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