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Dogstar has DGR Status in Australia as Dogstar Foundation Down Under so any donations you make over $2 will be tax deductible.

In August 2016 Dogstar Foundation is being featured on MyGivingCircle, an online donation platform that allows people to join a ‘Giving Circle’ to maximise impact. The lovely team at MyGivingCircle will be matching all dollars donated to Dogstar this month, up to $500. So please, if you can spare a few dollars, join Dogstar’s Giving Circle here, and donate a small, Australian tax-deductible amount today.


Dogstar Foundation Down Under

Bank Transfers to

Dogstar Foundation Down Under

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A/C 374976



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Please email for any queries re Australian Tax deductible donations or to get  involved from Australia.

Brexit impacts animal welfare work in Sri Lanka

Although our animal welfare field work is in Sri Lanka global events impact us and sometimes in the most unexpected manner . Since Brexit the pound has fallen to a 31 year low  and this is having a crippling effect on our work.

Brexit impacts on animal welfare

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Heatstoke in dogs


April 9th 2016 

Sri Lanka is experiencing a prolonged heatwave and its not just people that are suffering heatstroke
Heatstroke occurs when normal body mechanisms cannot keep the body’s temperature in a safe Keep your dog coolrange. Animals do not have efficient cooling systems (like humans who sweat) and get overheated easily. A dog with moderate heatstroke (body temperature from 104º to 106ºF) can recover within an hour if given prompt first aid and veterinary care (normal body temperature is 100-102.5°F). Severe heatstroke (body temperature over 106ºF) can be deadly and immediate veterinary assistance is needed.

Please ensure your pets have 24 hour access to fresh clean water and shade / cool area / fan or ac area with the freedom to move out of the sun / heat. In the afternoons when my own dog is feeling the heat I wet a towel with cold water he lays under that.
Community ( street ) dogs really need our help as well , so we are providing water to dogs in our village and also carrying bowls and water bottles in our car to give to dogs in need.

Rescuing Rylie

sri lankan street dog with mange

Yesterday on the way back from a spay neuter clinic we rescued a young pup we have called Rylie from the side of the road in tempurtures of nearly 40 degrees , he was totally and utterly terrified of us but so thirsty he risked coming close to drink from Marks hand.

After a few minutes with Mark talking to him gently he started to relax and allowed Mark to touch him and then he was able to pick him up , we drove Rylie straight to a local team members house where he drank a further 2 bowls of water , this video captured his rescue and the heartbreaking first moments when we discovered just how thirsty he was 🙁

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20000th animal vaccinated against Rabies in Sri Lanka

Dog and cat rabies vaccination program sri lanka

Today the aptly named Joy was the 20000th animal ever Rabies vaccinated by the Dogstar Foundation team here in Sri Lanka.

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