5000th dog sterilised in one city

On February 16th 2017 Tommy became the 5000th dog sterilised at our Negombo project in Sri Lanka.

Negombo is the 4th largest city here in Sri Lanka and has struggled for years with dog overpopulation leading to poor animal health and conflicts between many businesses and unwanted dogs. Our program is ambitious and challenging as our project zone covers the entire city from 5-star tourist areas to some of the largest fish markets on the island with communities from a variety of cultural, social and economic backgrounds.  Read More

Why running a charity is like running a business

People often say to me ” I would love your job,” “It must be so nice working with animals all day.”

In reality running an animal welfare charity overseas is nothing most like people think; it’s really like running a business. My donors are my investors and shareholders, and my customers are animals, owners, and local stakeholders. Like every business we have to have short and long-term plans, budgets, produce reviews and reports and we have to offer value for money, and unlike most business, we don’t have an overdraft

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Mission Rabies Sri Lanka 2016


Mission Rabies returned to Sri Lanka for the second year and what a year it was! , vaccinating 9239 animals against Rabies exceeding the required 70 % vaccination coverage protecting the human and animal population against this deadly disease

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Dogstar Down under

Dogstar has DGR Status in Australia as Dogstar Foundation Down Under so any donations you make over $2 will be tax deductible.

In August 2016 Dogstar Foundation is being featured on MyGivingCircle, an online donation platform that allows people to join a ‘Giving Circle’ to maximise impact. The lovely team at MyGivingCircle will be matching all dollars donated to Dogstar this month, up to $500. So please, if you can spare a few dollars, join Dogstar’s Giving Circle here, and donate a small, Australian tax-deductible amount today.


Dogstar Foundation Down Under

Bank Transfers to

Dogstar Foundation Down Under

ABN 46607036279

BSB 033077

A/C 374976



Download the Giver app for iPhone or Android and support Dogstar from only 10 cents a day






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Please email Natalie@dogstarfoundation.com for any queries re Australian Tax deductible donations or to get  involved from Australia.

Brexit impacts animal welfare work in Sri Lanka

Although our animal welfare field work is in Sri Lanka global events impact us and sometimes in the most unexpected manner . Since Brexit the pound has fallen to a 31 year low  and this is having a crippling effect on our work.

Brexit impacts on animal welfare

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