Buying a Pedigree dog in Sri Lanka

We talk a lot about the problems of uncared for street dogs in Sri Lanka, we talk about the animal welfare issues facing owned dogs that are permanently chained and kennelled but there is a another group of dogs here that can suffer pretty much in plain sight,  breed / pedigree dogs.

sri lanka breed dog digging a hole

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10000th Animal Sterilised

10000th animal sterilised in Sri Lanka

Last month we sterilised our 10000th Sri Lankan animal , a stunning achievement that has a huge impact on animal welfare but running a successful sterilisation campaign that makes a lasting difference is not just about the total of animals

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7/7 Ten years on

7:7 Memorial London

Ten years ago today a series of bombs on the London Underground and a London Bus killed 52 people and injured over 700 others

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Animal Welfare , Human Welfare and why we should care about both



Recently we have met a lot of self funded individuals trying to do a good job animal well to help animals here in Sri Lanka without a real support system in place, what starts out as helping one or two can quickly become ten or twenty animals . Trying to care for multiple many of whom are sick or even dying is stressful enough but when the numbers keep creeping up that stress can become suffering for the animals and the people.

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compassion fatigue is real and it can have devastating consequences

compassion fatigue . street dog sri lanka

“Animal care professionals are some of the most pain-saturated people I have ever worked with. The very thing that makes them great at their work, their empathy and dedication and love for animals, makes them vulnerable.”

“Success stories are not always possible. This is often due to medical reasons, behavioral issues, or most tragically for rescue workers, a lack of space”

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