• Overpopulation, animal cruelty hidden in plain sight
  • Taking welfare to the streets
  • Education, changing hearts and minds
  • Community Based Work

    Community Based Work

    We work directly with communities to create sustainable change in animal welfare.

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    Sponsor a Dog

    Sponsor a Dog

    Give a Dogstar dog a better life for just £35 a year (that’s less that 68p a week).

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    Get involved

    Get Involved

    There are lots of ways to get involved in our work through volunteering and fundraising.

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    Current Campaign

    Project Jaffna

    Fund us to sterilise & rabies vaccinate 3500 roaming dogs in former war zone areas.

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    The Problem

    Animal welfare laws in Sri Lanka are over 100 years old. Sri Lanka is home to millions of roaming dogs and the associated animal welfare issues that these numbers entail. Companion and working animals often suffer due to irresponsible & uninformed ownership. The end of a Three decade civil war in 2009 and the devastation of the 2004 tsunami form the backdrop to the animal welfare issues we are tackling that also have a significant impact on human health and wellbeing.

    The Solution

    The Dogstar Foundation is transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka. Since 2006 Dogstar has worked closely with Sri Lankan communities and vets to provide sterilisations, vaccinations, veterinary treatment, education leading to attitude change and the development of veterinary practice. A dog charity with a difference, we are committed to understanding Sri Lankan communities and helping them to find sustainable solutions to animal welfare issues