Why animals in Sri Lanka need your help

A constant struggle for survival on the streets of Sri Lanka

Street dogs in Sri Lanka face numerous challenges daily. Entire lives spent without any positive human contact, basic shelter or veterinary care. Suffering hunger, constant torment from preventable and treatable skin conditions or parasitic infections. At risk of being trapped in illegal snares, poisoned, injured in fights over territory, contracting sexually transmitted diseases injured by vehicles or being exposed to fatal diseases like Rabies.

Just having an owner is not always the solution

Owned dogs in Sri Lanka can face just as many welfare issues as street dogs . Many are permanently chained or kenneled often without access to fresh water and fed an unsuitable diet. Poorly socialized and rarely handled they can develop aggressive behavior to the point that owners cannot even approach them. At the other end of the spectrum owned dogs can be left to roam with little or no supervision.

Street and owned dogs interact creating an ideal environment for the spread of disease and creation of unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted puppies are often abandoned at Temples, Fish Markets or the roadside adding to the problem further and perpetuating the cycle of suffering.  As the unwanted female puppies grow, they, in turn, become pregnant giving birth to more and more unwanted litters.

Forgotten felines

 Sri Lanka cats face many welfare issues as well , Cat overpopulation is often a more hidden problem than with dogs, but they suffer just as much and unwanted kittens are often strayed on the road at just weeks old or dumped near hotels/guesthouses

So what’s the answer?

Dogstar firmly believes the only way to end this suffering is by tackling the issues at the root cause.  We are not here to judge; instead, we promote and fund practical solutions to address these very real problems and improve animal welfare. By working in partnership with communities,  Veterinarians, and local authorities to deliver spay and neuter programs, the Dogstar Foundation is actively reducing the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens and creating safer communities via mass Rabies campaigns.

Dogstar delivers change

Just ten years ago households wanting to adopt a female street dog was unheard of, owners with male animals would not consider sterilization even if it was free. Now both are common place in Dogstar’s areas of operation due to our accessible services, community network, and education programs,  now even owned male cats are brought in to be sterilized! The numbers of roaming dogs have decreased in our projects zones, and the health and welfare of the overall population have improved. The entire community is now healthier and safer for animals and people alike.  An incredible success that we can only replicate country wide with your support

How you can help

You can be part of the solution by donating towards our running costs, sponsor an individual dog or cat sterilization or even fund a one-day spay neuter clinic, promote our work on Social media, raise money or even put up posters. If you want to help, please contact us for more details, no donation or offer of help is ever too small, and it can be life-saving for the animals we work with in Sri Lanka.

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