What does dog over population look like ?

Sri Lanka dogs suffering

It might not be what you think

Images like this are pretty confronting; they are typical of an area where there are more dogs that guardians and resources, dogs are sick, injured and dying from vaccine-preventable diseases and even common conditions such as mange

Dogstars primary focus is on preventing this suffering, and our flagship program is our mobile spay-neuter  program in partnership with Best Care Animal Hospital 

In the Sri Lankan City of Negombo where our office is based, we have sterilised over 6500 dogs taking the figures from 7.6% in March 2015 to 74.4% in February 2018 

Using state of the art WVS app on smartphones, our survey team not only record the numbers sterilised dogs but also their skin conditions and body scores demonstrating that overall canine health is also improving. 


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