The Shields Dog Shows donates towards Critical Care

A huge thank you to the organisers and attendees of The Shield Dog Shows who very kindly chose Dogstar as one of their chosen charities and donated £250 towards our Critical Care program from their June show.
The Shields Dog Shows take place twice a year in Shepperton in UK
Their donation went towards the care of street dog Doris, Doris met with an accident and had a nasty neck wound, Dogstar team picked her up off the streets and transferred her to a specialist animal hospital where her wound was stitched and she was given a lot of care to get her fit to go back to her location.

Dogstar's community team were able to speak to a local monk at a temple who agreed he would become her guardian. Doris was released back to her area and now has the additional care of the monk.

Thank you The Shields Dog Shows for your generosity.

The Shield Show

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