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Let down twice by owners, this young family were in real danger of being killed

Firstly, when the owners failed to get her sterilised at one of our free clinics and then once again by heartlessly dumping her and her 4 tiny pups in a car park in the dead of night.

She was terrified, left in a barren car park with no shelter she did her best protect her family and growled at anyone who came near including a local dog feeder who wanted to help her. She bit a man getting out of his car who hadn’t seen her causing a ripple of fear in the local community about the dangerous dog and some people threatened to kill her. 

When we arrived, we found her collapsed in a corner, utterly exhausted panting heavily, her pups were a few metres away and she had given up. Our experienced animal handlers quickly rescued her, and the pups and we have transferred her to a private veterinary hospitals quarantine facility. 

Kennels are not an ideal place for a young mum and her pups, but she has displayed aggression and bitten and even though that was most likely caused by her fear we have to be responsible and she must be securely observed for 10 days for signs of Rabies. 

Whilst it costs just £20 for us to sterilise a dog it costs us a lot more to look after the unwanted puppies, not only do we have to pay food and board costs for them, all five need to be fully vaccinated against Distemper, Parvo and Rabies as well as receive regular worming before we can rehome them.

If you are in Sri Lanka and can offer mum or one of the pups a secure loving forever home, then please contact us

If you can’t offer a home could you donate towards their care? 

every dog deserves to be happy and healthy 

dumped puppy Sri Lanka

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