Dogstar Foundations Award winning team is led by Samantha and Mark Green, a formidable husband and wife duo who relocated from the UK to Sri Lanka full time in 2013, having operated between the two countries since 2006. Dogstar’s work is so effective because their local knowledge embeds us in the community and is facilitated by the cultural understanding that can only come from living and working with communities directly.

Samantha ( Sam ) Green : Country Director 

Dogstar Foundation founder Samantha GreenA qualified project manager with an impressive career spanning Railway Engineering ,  Operations and construction Sam founded the Dogstar Foundation in 2006 after a chance meeting with a Monk and his sick dog. A natural trouble shooter ,  lateral thinker and multi tasker,  Sam has transferred her skills to Sri Lanka to create a professional organisation that is tackling animal welfare issues at their root causes.

Mark Green: Deputy Country Director 

Dogstar co founder Mark GreenMark took ( very ) early retirement in 2013 and relocated to Sri Lanka full time with Sam. With over 30 years management experience working on the London Underground Mark is accomplished project manager and a natural leader.  Mark’s talents are now put to considerable use in managing the logistics and project management challenges Dogstar faces daily.

Dogstar Veterinary Assistant

Field Clinic Veterinary Team

Working in partnership with a leading Sri Lankan veterinary practice  Best Care Animal Hospital our dedicated team of Sri Lanka veterinary surgeons receive post grad training in innovative keyhole surgery techniques and dog population management. Supported by a dedicated team of Sri Lankan veterinary assistants working together seamlessly at field clinics in a purpose built surgery truck with gas anaesthesia. Every month Dogstars field team carry out over 600 sterilisation surgeries to extremely high international standards using gold standard pain relief and Veterinary consumables.

Community Laison Team  ( Team Blue ) 

Sampath, Chaminda and Namal driving in Tuk Tuks Dogstar 1 and Dogstar 2 are a regular sight in the areas we work. Team Blue, conduct dog population surveys, scout out the locations for our sterilisation programs, conduct community awareness and promote the benefits of spay neuter and rabies vaccinations. Team Blue also talk to owners about animal welfare, common health concerns and issues with kenneling and chaining.