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The fishmarket five

Let down twice by owners, this young family were in real danger of being killed Firstly, when the owners failed to get her sterilised at one of our free clinics and then once again by heartlessly dumping her and her 4 tiny pups in a car park in the dead of night.She was terrified, left in…

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It pays to spay

We run Sri Lanka’s largest charity spay neuter program But why?Because thousands of unwanted puppies are born every single day here and there are nowhere near enough good homesBecause often those puppies are dumped on the roadside at just a few weeks old Because some owners chain or kennel 24/7 and for many dogs living on…

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What does dog over population look like ?

sri lanka street dog with skin problem

It might not be what you think Images like this are pretty confronting; they are typical of an area where there are more dogs that guardians and resources, dogs are sick, injured and dying from vaccine-preventable diseases and even common conditions such as mangeDogstars primary focus is on preventing this suffering, and our flagship program is…

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Embracing Positive Change

dog at dogstar spay neuter clinic sri lanka

Sometimes the beauty of our work is as simple as we connect a donor online who cares about their pets with someone here in Sri Lanka who cares about their pets too. Why Positive Change?

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10000th Animal Sterilised

10000th animal sterilised in Sri Lanka

Last month we sterilised our 10000th Sri Lankan animal, a stunning achievement that has a huge impact on animal welfare but running a successful sterilisation campaign that makes a lasting difference is not just about the total of animals. 10,000th Animal Sterilised

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Canine genocide or canine care ?

Demodex Mange dog sri lanka

Recently on Facebook I have been called cruel and heartless , an animal abuser , accused of canine genocide and being “as bad as Hitler” because of Dogstar’s stance on the humane sterilisation of roaming and owned dogs and cats in Sri Lanka

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