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The fishmarket five

Let down twice by owners, this young family were in real danger of being killed Firstly, when the owners failed to get her sterilised at one of our free clinics and then once again by heartlessly dumping her and her 4 tiny pups in a car park in the dead of night.She was terrified, left in…

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Rescue Pups find their forever homes

Rescue Pups find forever homes! Back in April Dogstar were called about a tiny puppy that had been found in the road. Sam, Mark and Tamsin went to rescue the puppy, whilst having a scout around looking for the mother they came across 5 other puppies which had obviously been dumped in a storm drain. Rescue…

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Rescuing Rylie

Rescuing Rylie homeless dog

Yesterday on the way back from a spay neuter clinic we rescued a young pup we have called Rylie from the side of the road in tempurtures of nearly 40 degrees , he was totally and utterly terrified of us but so thirsty he risked coming close to drink from Marks hand. After a few minutes with…

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