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It pays to spay

We run Sri Lanka’s largest charity spay neuter program But why?Because thousands of unwanted puppies are born every single day here and there are nowhere near enough good homesBecause often those puppies are dumped on the roadside at just a few weeks old Because some owners chain or kennel 24/7 and for many dogs living on…

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What does dog over population look like ?

sri lanka street dog with skin problem

It might not be what you think Images like this are pretty confronting; they are typical of an area where there are more dogs that guardians and resources, dogs are sick, injured and dying from vaccine-preventable diseases and even common conditions such as mangeDogstars primary focus is on preventing this suffering, and our flagship program is…

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Beach survey

Welfare results you can see This photo was taken during a 6.30 am walk on Negombo beach opposite our office, all the dogs we saw were already sterilized and in good health.Since 2015 we have sterilized over 6000 dogs in the city of Negombo and 5000 in neighboring Katana around the International airport, preventing the…

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5000th dog sterilised in one city

dog sterilised welfare for dogs

On February 16th 2017 Tommy became the 5000th dog sterilised at our Negombo project in Sri Lanka. Negombo is the 4th largest city here in Sri Lanka and has struggled for years with dog overpopulation leading to poor animal health and conflicts between many businesses and unwanted dogs. Our program is ambitious and challenging as…

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Why dog overpopulation is like a leaking tap

What does dog overpopulation have to do with a leaking tap? If you came home from a 2 week holiday to find a tap running over a sink with the plug in and your entire house was flooded I am pretty sure your first actions would be to turn off the tap and pull the…

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