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Meet little Bailey, a Sri Lankan street pup with a shaky start and a solid future thanks to Dogstars Street Dog Skin Care team


I asked Tamsin and Sampath from the Street Dog Skin Care team to tell me more about Baileys story

“Bailey is a 5 month old puppy who lives at the fish harbour in Negombo , staff at the harbour office feed her but where unsure what to do about her skin. She was spotted by Dogstar’s Community Team whilst they were out doing a routine dog count survey, they alerted us ( Street Dog Skin Care team  ) and Bailey became part of the program the next day”

What was wrong with Bailey ?

“Bailey was suffering with mange and scabies and was in such pain that she couldn’t stop scratching herself on the concrete floor to try and relieve her itching but was making her skin red raw and bleed by doing this. However we were not 100% happy with how Bailey was responding to treatment , so we took her blood samples and couriered them straight down to a specialist lab in Colombo.

The results showed tick fever, coupled with her skin problems we knew that the only chance Bailey had to survive was to be sent to a private hospital to start treatment”

How did Dogstars supporters get involved ?

“As a primary spay/neuter service, Dogstar does not have the funds to cover these costs, so we reached out to our supporters who responded brilliantly and within hours we were able cover the costs of Baileys treatment in hospital and her follow up care.

Whilst we were busy writing and sending out the appeal, Bailey was already on her way to Best Care hospital, their dedicated veterinary team started her treatment for the tick fever and ran more tests. The results came back that Bailey had a fungal skin infection as well as demodex mange and scabies we were already treating.  

Bailey responded really well to her treatments and the team at Best Care were so pleased with her progress, that with just a few weeks of hospital treatment they agreed she could go home and continue her skin treatment via the Street Dog Skin Care team”. 

Tell us about her homecoming ? 

Bailey and Tamsin

“The Street Dog Skin Care team met with the Best Care pet taxi to release Bailey back to her guardians, on her release Bailey was so pleased to be home, she ran around saying hello to all the fisherman, official staff, other dogs, including her mum and showed off her new lease of life and wouldn’t stop wagging her tail!

Everyone was pleased to have little Bailey home and commented on how different she looked and how she had grown!”

So whats next for Bailey ? 

“The Street Dog Skin Care team will be monitoring and treating Bailey over the coming weeks/months to ensure she becomes 100% fully fit, there is still some way to go before Bailey has her fur back, but this is an amazing start.

Bailey’s life was looking bleak, but now her whole life has turned around and looks bright!!”

How can supporters help the Street Dog Skin Care team treat more dogs like Bailey? 

” The more funding we receive the more dogs we can treat, Its such a cost-effective program,  To treat one dog for skin treatment costs £10. To treat ten dogs for worms costs £20.

regular donation of just £10 a month will help treat one dog a month and will help us continue this much-needed ongoing program.”

Thanks, Tamsin and Sampath, for your time and hard work on the Street Dog Skin Care program we look forward to seeing more Bailey updates



  1. Vanessa Mitchell on November 9, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    Hello. Thank you very much for all you do for dogs. There is a much smaller veterinary operation in the south of Sri Lanka, perhaps you know of it (We Care), to which I have sent a donation – the work they do is much the same. It would probably be very good if you could sometimes get together (if you haven’t already). My email address has changed, so it was only by luck that this reached me. Please change my address to Thank you.

  2. Madushan on June 15, 2019 at 9:48 am

    Hi Team,

    I highly appreciate your service for innocent animals..
    Anyway I have a same problem for my Dog (blacky). He has a skin allergy since 6 months. I bring him to a doctor and no any progress on that. Can anyone can help me for any treatments and give some medicine. I can give all treatments when you can give some informations.

    • Samantha Green on June 24, 2019 at 12:35 pm

      Hi Madushan, where are you based, we can recommend any treatment without seeing Blacky first as there are many different reasons why dogs skin might not be healthy

  3. Madushan on June 24, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Hi Samntha,

    we are locate in Malabe, Sri Lanka.

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