Spay / Neuter in Jaffna

Working With Street Dogs In The Former War Zone

Earlier this week Dogstar’s team traveled 380km the far north region of Jaffna. Still in the throws of being rebuilt from the aftermath of a twenty-six year civil war. This once vibrant city is now home to over 4000 roaming dogs rummaging through mountains of rubbish daily to survive. Its hard to look at but we have committed to help these innocent dogs and the communities they live in

Jaffna street dog sri lanka rubbish eatingThis pair of roaming dogs ( male and female ) on coastal area where unsterilised , unvaccinated , suffering from Mange and eating rubbish from the roadside

Sadly these are not an isolated dogs , this could be anyone of the 4000 + roaming dogs the dog population survey indicate are living in this area,

With our in country partner NGO Tsunami Animal People Alliance , Embark and with support from Fondation Brigitte Bardot have undertaken a huge animal welfare project to sterilised and rabies vaccinate over 3500 roaming dogs in the city area

Dogstar have committed to sterilise 375 dogs over the first 3 clinics in 2014 ,  A donation of just £15 will fully cover the costs of a sterilisation and rabies vaccination which will change the face of animal welfare here in Jaffna forever

No donation is ever too small to make a difference to animal welfare in Sri Lanka

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  1. Amelia Greenan on March 10, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    Hi, my partner and I are currently in Jaffna and we need to help some of the dogs here. Is there a place that we can bring these dogs? Or any treatments we can give them? We have been working at Animal SOS in Midigama so we know how to treat wounds and vaccinate, etc.. any information for beneficial, many thanks, Amelia Greenan.

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