Rescue Pups find their forever homes

Puppies Montage

Rescue Pups find forever homes!

Back in April Dogstar were called about a tiny puppy that had been found in the road.

Sam, Mark and Tamsin went to rescue the puppy, whilst having a scout around looking for the mother they came across 5 other puppies which had obviously been dumped in a storm drain. Rescue Story blog

After a lot of hard work, cooking, cleaning and socialising the pups, they were ready to be homed.

We were so happy, at the end of June the pups all went to their forever homes.

Mid July, Tamsin, Sampath and Anjali went to do home checks. All pups have loving homes and have settled into their new family life.

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the care of the puppies, We can only respond to cases like these thanks to the support of our donors who donate to our Critical Care Fund.

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