Tackling issues at the root cause

Our evidence based animal welfare programs are transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka

Spay-neuter outreach

Our award-winning mobile spay-neuter outreach programs have sterilised over 25000 animals in Sri Lanka tackling the causes of animal suffering.

Street dog health care

Taking welfare to the streets, our street dog skin care program is providing vital veterinary care to street dogs suffering from mange and skin disease


Working with international animal welfare specialists, we create animal welfare resources for owners and guardians, fun interactive sessions for children and deliver  CPD for professionals. 


Our don't buy cruelty campaign highlights the suffering endured by animals used for commercial breeding and promotes adopting pets


As part of our charity social responsibility program ,Breakfast Club serves 50 hot breakfasts to vulnerable children every single school day

Disaster response

Sri Lanka has no formal preparedness or rescue plans for animals caught in flooding or natural disasters, we work with Rescuing animal in Disasters Sri Lanka to create evacuation plans and emergency response

Rabies eradictaion

Working with International NGO Mission Rabies and local government vets we are delivering professional mass Rabies eradication programs that are evidence-based and sustainable.

Critical Care

Providing lifesaving treatments for street animals that would otherwise suffer alone