Sterilised dog stands in boat in Sri Lanka

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This little community of changemakers - of people like you - are making a big impact.

Constantly on the hunt for their next meal, regularly at risk of disease and often going their entire lives without any veterinary care, shelter or positive human contact - the life of a street dog in Sri Lanka isn’t an easy one. Their populations grow quickly. And when there are more dogs than guardians, even easy to treat conditions can spiral out of control. 

With your unwavering support, we’re on the ground, responding to animals in need and paving the way for a Sri Lanka free of animal suffering. Here’s the rundown of how we work:


Vaccinations and spay/ neutering prevent disease, suffering & more unwanted pups.

But you can stop these problems before they even start. Our mobile spaying/neutering and vaccination clinics prevent disease, suffering and unwanted pups. 

Our 100% Sri Lankan veterinary team have brought their world-class expertise directly to the communities who need them most. Thanks to you, we’re currently at 44,000 sterilisations and counting.

But we don’t stop there. Rabies is deadly for dogs and humans, but it’s 100% preventable through a vaccine. We’re protecting communities by working with Mission Rabies as their country partner. With their support, Dogstar has vaccinated over 63,000 Sri Lankan dogs. No one should die from a vaccine-preventable disease.

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Education is the most powerful tool for long term change. When people know how to care for dogs, we have safer streets and a whole community of Dogstars.

When people know how to care for dogs, their welfare improves and  streets are safer. You allow us to  team up with schools and local veterinary professionals to create a whole community of knowledgeable Dogstars. Education is the most powerful tool in our kit for sustainable change.

We love dogs, and we want everyone else to know how to love them too. Children are the future of animal welfare and that's why you’ll often find us in schools developing the next generation of Dogstars. 

Our education programmes prepare children to take on responsibility for the animals on their streets. From bite prevention to understanding basic needs, we teach compassion and turn it into action.

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Even a simple treatment can change a life. Making and keeping animals healthy is at the heart of what we do.

Worms, ticks, mites, mange. Thousands of street dogs in Sri Lanka are suffering from parasites and painful skin conditions. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our expert veterinary teams are passionate about delivering care that puts a stop to endless suffering, giving dogs both their hair and their lives back. And it’s all thanks to you - not all heroes wear capes.

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