It doesn't have to be a dog's life in Negombo.

For 15 years, Dogstars like you have made amazing things happen for these street dogs and cats

Saving lives since 2006

Since 2006, Dogstar Fondation have been roaming the streets of Negombo and doing everything we can to end animal suffering.

The dog overpopulation crisis means that there are more dogs than guardians - and everyone suffers as a result. Disease like rabies are endemic and dogs suffer when they don't need to. 

The solution? We run Sri Lanka's largest spay/neuter service. With over 50,000 dogs and 4500 cats already sterilised, you're ending the suffering of unwanted litters.

In 2020 the world stopped. We didn't.

In March 2020, the food sources dogs and cats used - such as the fish market and tourists - suddenly vanished. Without intervention, animals would have starved.

#TeamDogstar did something incredible. They banded together to make sure we could go out every day and provide each animal with a warm, nutritious meal.