Meet the dogs 

Lockdowns have been part of all our "normal" lives in 2020 but have you ever imagined what they are like for street dogs in Sri Lanka? 

The utter confusion as the people disappeared overnight  cutting them off from their regular food sources as businesses, restaurants and hotels closed and entire communities were kept inside 24/7 for months,

it must have felt like the end of the world 

Thanks to dog lovers like you and supported by our  local authorities, Every day Dogstars team are able to provide hundreds of tasty home-cooked meals direct to these dogs and just as important for some dogs some company 

Here are just a few of the lovely dogs you feed 



The lovely Larry has been sterilised and vaccinated by Dogstar, he has also been an inpatient when he had a nasty abscess on his neck 

Larry is a street dog but like many street dogs, he has guardians who normally feed him. in Larry's case the owner of the tattooist shop that Larry likes to sleep outside.  Thanks to you Larry is feed daily by Lalith, Tamsin and Durminda, he is the happiest of boys hence his name 

As happy as Larry 

Branston and Pickle 

Branston and Pickle are both sterilised and vaccinated by Dogstar are normally feed by local fisherman, during lockdowns those fishermen were really struggling to feed the dogs and asked for our help.

Thanks to you we could step in to ensure they get regular meals. Dogstar founders Mark and Sam feed Branston and Pickle,  Branston who is a bit of a cheeky boy is secretly one of Marks favourites! 

Sssh , just don't tell the other dogs ! 


Patchy is a beach dog, she has been sterilised and vaccinated by Dogstar and lives on Negombo beach.  Patchy was normally fed by  tourists, visitors to  the beach and local businesses

Since March 2020 Sri Lanka's borders have been closed to incoming visitors and the beach area in Negombo is now a ghost town. Thanks to you Patchy is feed by Lalith, Tamsin and Durminda and Patchy always make us laugh as she always lays down to eat and drink! 



When we first met Cinnamon in 2018 she was a recently dumped pet dog and pregnant. She had been wandering in the road confused and lost and was hit by a car. Sadly our vets were unable to save her leg or her puppies. 

Cinnamon gained a set of guardians at the hotel and she now lives on the beach in front of the hotel. Normally she is feed by staff and guests but as there are no tourists thanks to you Lalith and Durminda are able to feed her daily

Cinnamon does not go near the road at all and spends all day and night on the beach , she does not let only having 3 legs slow her down and is the fastest dog on the beach by far ! 


Beautiful Bullseye lives at our local fish market and is a firm favourite with the fishermen and traders who normally feed him, during both of our lockdowns everyone who works at the fish markets where under a 24/7 house curfew so Bullseye and his buddies where left totally alone 

Thanks to you, Dogstar Founders Sam and Mark feed the dogs at the fish market and as Bullseye wants company  as much a bowl of food, Sam takes some time out with him for a fuss which often ends up with sitting on her ! 


Sterilised and vaccinated by Dogstar, Fred lives at the normally busy central bus station where he is fed by commuters, bus station staff and the snack stall,  

Earlier in the year Fred spent some time with our vets as an inpatient having a benign growth removed and we were stopped by commuters asking about him all the time 

Thanks to you fabulous Fred is feed by Anjantha and Anjali ( pictured )