Take on 333K Steps In March

Join thousands of fundraisers just like you and take on our March challenge. Join the Facebook group and get support from people up and down the country. Do it to raise critical funds for street dogs in need.

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Get a free t-shirt

As a thank you for registering to take part, we'll gift you a free Dogstar t-shirt.

Represent #TeamDogstar on the move and show the world that street dogs deserve love too.

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Raise £100 to receive a medal

As a way to celebrate everything you've achieved, you'll receive an exclusive challenge medal if you raise £100 or more. 

Made from recycled wood, your zero waste medal is an eco-friendly way to mark your success.

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Sign up for March for Street Dogs 2022

Why support Dogstar Foundation?

Powered by the big hearts of animal lovers like you, we are putting an end to suffering in Sri Lanka. 

We run Sri Lanka's biggest spay/neuter service, deliver life-saving vaccines, and importantly are continuing to feed hungry dogs and cats after their food supplies vanished due to COVID-19.

Your fundraising will mean that thousands more dogs receive a warm breakfast each morning. You'll be a vital part of #TeamBlue, making sure that no animal suffers unnecessarily. 

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