Jigger from Jetwing Blue / Beach

Jigger Update - 1st November 2018

Great news, Jigger has been released back to Jetwing hotel.

Jigger spent a few weeks at the animal hospital in Colombo after our Critical Care team rescued him after he had met with an accident back in September.

After a few weeks care, his paw fully healed and he was pain free.

Thank you to everyone who supported his care and got him fit, healthy and happy again!

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Jigger needs your help to get back on his feet

Many visitors to Negombo's Jetwing Blue and Beach area know Jigger, he is a community dog feed by many locals including some local security guards ( where he sleeps ) and he is also very good at getting food from tourists especially we now know pancakes!

On Saturday Jigger was hit by a speeding Tuk Tuk who ran over his paw and didn't even stop, the security guards alerted us as did the hotel manager and whilst we were looking for him we got a message from a guest Marie who had found him on the beach and kept him safe whilst we got there by feeding him pancakes 


Lucky for Jigger the Dogstar team were in a neighbouring area running a spay neuter program

and were able to come to rescue him,  Team leader Sampath who was just finishing work offered to drive him to our partner hospital in Colombo straight away for x-rays and treatment. Jigger was less impressed by the transport crate and the lack of pancakes...


Jigger now needs to stay in hospital for 2-3 weeks

Thankfully his xrays showed that it was not a fracture but his paw and palmer surface ( paw pad ) had nasty cuts and brusing and he will need regular dressing wound changes and pain relief. 

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You can donate towards Jigger's care by paypal or credit/debit card below

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