Go Walkies in July 2022 - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Go Walkies in July for Dogstar Foundation?

Go Walkies in July is a virtual fundraising challenge hosted on Facebook. You can complete a distance of your choice this July on your own, with your four legged friend, or with your human friends! Using Facebook means you can easily set up a fundraising page, and Dogstar will receive 100% of the money donated to your page.

When is Go Walkies in July for Dogstar Foundation?

Go Walkies in July takes place from Friday 1st July to Sunday 31st July 2022. The aim of the challenge is to complete the target distance you choose when you sign up by the end of July. But if you have a holiday planned, or another event, you could start earlier or finish later - it's up to you!

Where does Go Walkies in July for Dogstar Foundation take place?

Anywhere - that’s the great thing about Go Walkies in July! Whether it’s your local park, the countryside, beach or maybe even around your home or garden, the choice is yours!

How will the money I raise support Dogstar Foundation?

Sri Lanka is currently in the midst of a devastating economic crisis. There are crippling fuel shortages, food and medicine costs have soared, and daily power cuts of up to 15 hours are a daily occurence. You can find out more about how the situation is impacting the way Dogstar works by reading our recent blog post.

When you fundraise for Dogstar, you will join a little yet mighty community of changemakers who can be a shining light in the dark for so many beautiful, innocent animals right now. With your unwavering support and kindness, you can feed, care for, and protect countless dogs and cats.

You are incredible. We can’t wait for you to join the #TeamDogstar family!

Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions for Go Walkies in July. All we ask is that if a child taking part is under 16 and fundraising offline, we suggest that a parent or guardian is in charge of any money raised. This is in keeping with recommendations by the UK Fundraising Regulator.

Can I take part if I’m disabled?

Of course - we want Go Walkies in July to be accessible to as many people (and dogs) as possible! If you are taking part in a wheelchair, or using other specially adapted equipment such as a handcycle, you can record your distance through the Strava app or manually on the tracker calendar you receive when you sign up. Don’t forget to share your progress on your fundraising page, and in the Facebook group!

Signing up

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Simply follow the steps below:

Join the Go Walkies in July for Dogstar Foundation Facebook group

Create your Facebook fundraiser for your chosen distance:

50km - https://givepanel.me/fb/70UAZ10s 

75km - https://givepanel.me/fb/dLmYuMbC 

100km -  https://givepanel.me/fb/LZhFek53 

Make sure to share your fundraiser with your family and friends by using the “invite” button on the page

Once you have completed the 3 steps above, we’ll post a link on your fundraiser which will allow you to claim your free doggy bandana and tracker calendar (be sure to scroll down your page to find the link!)

When can I start?

You can start your walking challenge anytime in July - it’s entirely up to you!

Can children sign up and take part?

Children are very welcome to join the Go Walkies in July community, but we ask that a parent or guardian registers for any participants who are under 18.

How much does it cost to take part?

Nope - it’s completely free! 

Will I receive a welcome pack when I sign up?

Once you have created your Facebook fundraiser, you will receive a link on your page where you can claim your free doggy bandana and tracker calendar. A welcome letter from Sam Green (Dogstar’s CEO) will also be included with these free items. We’ll aim to get these posted out to you within a couple of days of signing up.

I’m not a Facebook user - how do I set up an online fundraising page?

Although we recommend using Facebook to fundraise for the Go Walkies in July challenge, we do appreciate that not everybody will have a Facebook account. If you need an alternative, you can fundraise by setting up a Just Giving page here.  

I live outside the UK - can I still take part?

Of course - as it’s a virtual challenge, you can take part from anywhere! Unfortunately, we are unable to post the welcome packs internationally, but you can download and print any materials you need from our resources page.

Doggy Bandanas

How do I get my free doggy bandana?

Once you have created your Facebook fundraiser, a member of #TeamDogstar will post a link on your fundraiser where you can claim your challenge welcome pack. Just be sure to scroll down the page so you don’t miss it! 

What size are the doggy bandanas?

The dimensions of the bandanas are 40.5cm (width) x 20.5cm (length) and will fit most puppers comfortably. For safety purposes, we are providing over the collar bandanas, where you simply slide your pet's existing collar through the pocket at the top of the bandana, and then put the collar back on your pet. 

Does my dog have to wear the bandana on walks?

It’s not necessary for your pooch to wear their bandana on every single walk - especially if they enjoy splashing around in water or rolling around in mud! But we would love to see a photo of your four legged friend wearing their bandana, so please make sure to share any pictures you take on the Facebook group!

Your Walk

How do I keep track of the distance I’ve walked?

There are apps like Strava which help you keep track of the kilometres you’ve completed in July, and your mobile phone or a smart watch are great for accurately tracking the distance you’ve walked. We’ve also included a handy tracker calendar in your welcome pack, so you can easily note down your daily distances too. Don’t forget to regularly share your progress on your Facebook fundraiser!

Do I need to walk with a dog?

Not at all. It’s completely up to you whether you walk alone, or with family and friends. The most important part is that you enjoy yourself! 

Can I walk more or less than the 50km, 75km or 100km targets?

If you find the targets a little challenging, set yourself a goal that suits you - this is your challenge! Just make it clear with your supporters how far you are going to walk instead, and keep them regularly updated with your progress.

Do I need to walk every single day in July?

No. This is your challenge, so you can choose how often you want to walk. 

What if I don’t reach my walking goal?

Do as much as you can - don’t worry if you don’t quite reach your goal in July. However, your Facebook fundraiser page will remain open until 8 August 2022, so if you need a little extra time to reach your target that’s fine. All we ask is that you try your best, and we think you’re amazing no matter what distance you’re able to walk!

What time of day do I need to walk?

It’s completely up to you. If you’re walking with a dog, the weather in July can get a little too warm and uncomfortable for some of our four legged friends, so please bear this in mind when planning your walks. The health, safety and happiness of you and your dog is our top priority, so please consult your vet if you require any specific advice for your pooch.

How can I connect with other people who are taking part in Go Walkies in July for Dogstar Foundation?

Join our dedicated Facebook group, where you’ll be able to chat with other participants who are taking part in the challenge. It’s a lovely, supportive community of wonderful people, and we can’t wait to see you over there!


How do I raise money?

We recommend setting up a Facebook fundraising page. It’s super simple, and the instructions you need to follow are pinned to the Go Walkies in July Facebook group here. We’ll be on hand to provide you with helpful fundraising tips, useful resources and plenty of support too.

How much money do I need to raise?

There is no set fundraising target, but we do encourage you to raise a minimum of £150 in sponsorship. £150 could help feed 300 street dogs a warm, loving meal - wow! You can help us make a truly valuable difference to countless animals on the streets of Sri Lanka, and every penny you raise will continue to keep tails wagging and whiskers bristling.

Can I fundraise offline?

Of course - simply download a sponsorship form here.

When do I have to reach my fundraising goal?

If you choose to fundraise via Facebook, your page will automatically close on 8 August 2022, so make sure your family and friends have made their donations before this date.

How do I send you the money I’ve raised online?

If you have set up a Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving page, all donations raised are automatically transferred to Dogstar Foundation so you do not need to do anything.

When will I receive my reward items?

If you have opted in to receive reward items once you reach the £150 and £300 milestones, we will begin posting these out in August once the challenge has finished.

How can I send in money I’ve collected offline?

The easiest way to send donations to Dogstar Foundation is by donating to your online fundraising page if you have created one. Alternatively, you can send in a cheque made payable to Dogstar Foundation, and include your sponsor form if you receive any offline donations - this will help us claim Gift Aid! Post it to us at Dogstar Foundation, 26 Severn Drive, Newport Pagnell, MK16 9DQ


I have a question that isn’t covered here? Who can I contact?

Please feel free to email hello@dogstarfoundation.com, and include “Go Walkies in July” as the subject line. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.