Postive Change

positive changeDo you need positive change?
There is a lot of negativity in the world, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed or despondent, to think that as an individual you cannot possibly make a difference, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Positive change empowers you to make small changes in your life that have a big impact on the world.

How it works

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Make your positive change collection jar or box. positive change

Choose to make a small change in your lifestyle, swap a lunch at work for home prepped meal, use a travel cup instead of buying from a coffee chain, save the balance you save on special offers at supermarkets.  Simple and easy positive changes.

Place the money you have saved into your positive change jar and once a month choose a Positive Change project to support.

Your Small change will make a big difference

positive change


Want a make a Positive Change for animals?

Your positive change will help fund urgently needed spay neuter outreach programs for dogs and cats.



What a make a Positive Change for children? positive change

Your positive change will provide a daily breakfast for disadvantaged children attending Yawajeewa Learning Centre Dogstars team are proud to work with Yawajeewa as our Social Responsibility Program in our local community.




Positive Change donations can also be made via all options on our donation page 

Positive Change is simple and has real impact, join in today.