Fundraising Heroes – Ros Kilimanjaro Challenge

Inspiring and Incredible......


Our amazing supporter Ros decided to take on the huge challange to climb Kilimanjiro and raised an incredible amount just close to £2,000 for the street dogs in Sri Lanka.

Last year Ros came to Sri Lanka on a cycling holiday and through a friend had heard about Dogstar.

Before heading off on her cycling trip, she visited Dogstar and met with Sam, Mark and Tamsin to find out more about the work Dogstar does.

Whilst on her trip Ros saw first hand the issues confronting the street animals and one young dog stole her heart (picture below) and she knew she wanted to do something to help the street dogs.

Ros and Pup

In October, Ros flew out to Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, after a 4 day attempt 20 years ago, which saw her get to 5000m, she wanted to go back and try again, this time spending 8 days on the mountain.

Although Ros didn't quite make it to the summit...which she deams a fail.....Ros managed to climb up an incredible 5500m. (which is pretty god damn impressive!)

Ros written account of her recent experience.

"Over 8 days trekking on this stunning but unforgiving mountain, making it the many difficult miles to Base Camp, ascending in excess of 15,000 ft on the way. I then pulled out at 5500m (18,044ft) 400m short of the summit. It was an absolutely brutal night, with total exhaustion and loss of coordination, causing me embarrassingly to fail again. 

Despite this, and the long freezing tented nights, there are so very many positives to take away. Time with a lovely group of fellow trekkers, time spent above the clouds, a star gazers paradise, with utterly spectacular scenery.

Time with the brilliant, kind, hardworking Tanzanian guides and porters, success on making it through the very tough daily walking schedule and raising at least £1500 for the very deserving Dogstar Foundation, making the whole thing massively worthwhile.

Thank you for all the fabulous support in messages and donations. Sorry I didn’t quite make it. Did try really really hard. Huge respect for the absolutely magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, which I will now leave in peace and seek adventures at slightly lower altitude!"


We all think Ros is amazing and are totally blown away at her strength and courage to even attemp such a challenge. It is outstanding, inspiring and you really are a winner in all our eyes, the Dogstar team and dogs here in Sri Lanka are in awe of your achievment and we can't thank you enough!

Mount Kilimanjaro

Last day....

On Ros last day, whilst feeling slightly dispondent for not quite reaching the top, she visited Amani Orphanage where she got time playing football and helping with chores with the street kids.

Ros said "It was a terrific way to finish and put the struggles with cold, discomfort and altitude on Kili completely into perspective

Ros and kids from Amani Orphanage

To read Ros full story and donate to her incredible challange, please click here. Ros full story

Everyone at Dogstar says a HUGE Well done Ros and a (Kili) mountain size thanks for your support to Dogstar and the street dogs.

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