Dog Walk for Dogstar – The Great Birthday Walk

On 28th September Dogstar will be 12 years old and to celebrate we are asking our supporters and their dogs to join us in the very first ‘Dog Walk for Dogstar – The Great Birthday Walk’.

Please join us and make this birthday a special day for the street dogs in Sri Lanka.

Date: Anytime between 28th – 30th September 2018

Who can take part: Anyone and their dog

Venue: Any place

Distance: Any distance

Why: To raise funds for Street Dogs

How to get involved in the Dog Walk for Dogstar

  • Step 1 – Create a Facebook fundraiser today – watch this video to see how easy it is to create!
  • Step 2 – Invite friends to like your fundraiser
  • Step 3 – Post your fundraiser on your Facebook page – include the reason why you are supporting Dogstar and what it means to you.
  • Step 4 – Print out the #ISupportDogstar or #WeSupportDogstar downloadable printout.
  • Step 5 – Between 28th– 30th September do your sponsored walk and get a photo with your print out
  • Step 6 – Post your photos and tag @dogstarfoundation in on your walk!

Why should I get involved?
On 28th September 2018, Dogstar will be 12 years old

to celebrate we are asking our supporters and their dogs to join us in the very first ‘Dog Walk for Dogstar – The Great Birthday Walk’.

Taking part is easy, fun and even better, it can change a dog’s life!

Simply walk anywhere you want at a time that suits you between the 28th- 30th September - and raise money that Dogstar can use to make a very real difference to a dog in Sri Lanka.

Raising the money couldn’t be easier. Just set up a Facebook fundraiser, print out your #ISupportDogstar #WeSupportDogstar sheet, and then ask your friends and family to sponsor you and your dog (or both!) to walk for Dogstar.

Then any time between 28th – 30th September, grab your lead and take your dog out for a lovely walk, and off you go… Oh and don’t forget to take photos and tag us in on your walk!

Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry! You can still get involved in Dog Walk for Dogstar by doing your walk on your own or with your human best mate.

Can I make a difference by just walking my dog?

You can!
Even the smallest amount raised can transform a dog’s life

  • Raise £20 – this will pay for 2 skin care treatments
  • Raise £50 – 5 skin care treatments
  • Raise £100 – 10 skin care treatments

Download and print an #ISupportDogstar or #WesupportDogstar banner and get a photo of you and your dog while out on your walk

Take photos, videos or even do a Facebook live to showcase your walk and ensure to tag in @dogstarfoundation #walkforstreetdogs #IsupportDogstar #WesupportDogstar

11 Adult Star

FREE Gift and win a Prize!

  • Everyone taking part receives an electronic certificate
  • Raise over £20 and get a free Dogstar Friendship bracelet
  • Best photo/video wins a prize
  • The supporter who raises the most funds wins a prize

WHY skin care really matters - Sidney’s Story

Sidney was a Sri Lankan street pup who lost all his fur due to parasites. His daily life was one of constant itching, his skin was raw, he was covered in maggot-filled wounds, and every step he took was agony.

If Dogstar hadn’t found Sidney, he would have died in a matter of days.

We applied a simple spot-on treatment within 24 hours his itching – and his suffering - had stopped and the healing could start.

After three treatments over a period of six weeks, Sidney’s transformation was incredible. Not only was he pain-free but his skin had healed, and fur had fully grown back.

With his beautiful new coat and the chance of a fresh start, Sidney found his forever home and now lives a very happy life.

Did You know??

  • Mange is caused by parasites mites and mange mites are cigar shaped.
  • Mange mites feed and reside in the hair follicle and oil glands of the skin.
  • Ringworm isn’t a worm it’s a fungus.
  • A flea can jump vertically up to 7 in (18 cm) and horizontally up to 13 in (33 cm), making the flea one of the best jumpers of all known animals.

It costs just £10 to do one skin care treatment.


What is Dog Walk for Dogstar?

To celebrate Dogstar's 12th Birthday, we are asking our supporters to do a sponsored walk.


When is Dog Walk for Dogstar?

28th September – 30th September

Where do we walk?


What distance do we walk?

Any distance!

How can I raise sponsorship?

Supporters can set up a Facebook Fundraiser and ask family and friends to sponsor them.

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Click Raise money

Step 3 - Click Get started

Step 4 - Click Non profit

Step 5 - Type in search Dogstar Foundation

Step 6 - Choose Dogstar Foundation

Step 7 - Type in the amount of money you would like to raise i.e. £100

Step 8 - Choose the date you wish to end raising money – like 2ndOctober 2018

Step 9 - Click NEXT

Step 10 - You can either write your own title or you can copy and past

*Name* Dog Walk for Dogstar – The Great Birthday Walk

Type your own reason for raising funds for Dogstar or you can copy and paste this and edit to suit you.

I’m raising money for Dogstar Foundation and your contribution will make a real difference to the street dogs of Sri Lanka. 

Dogstar is turning 12 years old on 28th September 2018 - and to celebrate I will be taking part in a very special sponsored walk.

Please sponsor me whatever you can and help Dogstar’s amazing work continue.

Just £20 raised can pay for a Sri Lankan street dog to have life-changing skin care treatment - no more pain, itching and misery. 

Every penny really does count and can help transform a dog’s life so please give what you can, however small.

Step 11 - Click Next

Keep cover photo as it is or change to one you wish to use.

Step 12 - Create

Is there a minimum amount I need to raise?

There is no minimum amount.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account or my country doesn’t allow me to set up a FB fundraiser?

You can download an offline form here and ask family and friends to sponsor you offline.

Where does the money go?

The money raised will go towards Dogstar’s Street Dog Skin Care program

How is the money paid to Dogstar?

Facebook pay the money directly into Dogstar’s bank account.

Are there any fees Facebook charge?

No Facebook fundraising incurs no charges, which means 100% of monies raised go towards the street dogs.

Can Dogstar claim gift aid on my donations?

Yes, Facebook gives an option to include gift aid on donations.

Are there any special requirements?

No, just have fun ! 

We would love for you to print out our #IsupportDogstar printout and take photos, videos or even do a Facebook live to showcase your walk and tag in @dogstarfoundation #DogWalkforDogstar #IsupportDogstar #WesupportDogstar for a chance to win a prize!