Current appeals

Dogstar Foundation works tirelessly to overcome a number of the current animal welfare issues in Sri Lanka. Our vision is to stop overpopulation, end cruelty and transform the attitudes of communities so they aim to protect, rather than neglect.

We are currently running six appeals, all targeting different areas of animal welfare.

Our emergency appeals are run to assist dogs with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Donations assist with funding for life-saving medical treatment, and rehabilitation once initial conditions are overcome. The skin care drive, spay/neuter programs, and sponsorship appeals assist with combating overpopulation, and improving overall quality of life for street dogs.

We are not just a dog charity!

Our work would not be complete without community engagement. We provide continuous education to children and adults, as well as programs to benefit the health and wellbeing of the community. Dogstar Foundation also proudly works as a cat charity. We run appeals to overcome cat welfare and overpopulation issues too!

Donate Today!

Donating to animal rights organisations is crucial if we are to establish a universal change in the approach to animal welfare. Donations allow us to create a better world for animals, piece by piece. Your contribution gives us the power to develop appeals, combat the hard hitting issues and save the lives of innocent animals.

Learn more about our appeals, and find the issue that resonates deepest with you. Every contribution counts, and our combined care and compassion has the power to revolutionise animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

Donate today and cement your footprint in the journey to create a brighter future for animals.