Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2017 – Finalists

Dogstar are delighted to announce we have been shortlisted as finalists for the Ceva Animal Welfare Charity Team of the Year 2017

Our Sri Lankan field team work tirelessly daily, for their commitment to animal welfare to be internationally recognised is a huge honour for us all.

animal welfare awards

Team Dogstar

No one country has the monopoly on animal cruelty, neglect or abuse. In every single country there are people who treat animals badly, and in every single country, there are people who are committed to improving animal welfare. I hate to read generalisations saying everyone in country X is stupid or evil and people from country Y are educated and kind. Sweeping generalisations are at the best often unfactual personal opinions and at the worst bigoted, racist and highly offensive often to nationals of the country concerned who are working so hard to improve animal welfare and owners/communities they serve who do care very much about animals.

We need to focus on the good that each and every one of us can do rather than creating barriers, especially ones based on geographical locations

Mark and I are so proud of each and every one of our team every single day and grateful for the work of our colleagues working in animal welfare in Sri Lanka and worldwide


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