There are many welfare issues facing Sri Lanka cats, cat welfare and overpopulation is often a more hidden problem than with dogs but they suffer just as much and unwanted kittens are often strayed on the road at just a few weeks old. A female cat can have three litters in a year with an average litter of 4-6 kittens. It is easy to see how quickly cat populations can spiral out of control. With too many animals and not enough good owners or guardians, resources, food or shelter  suffering for these cats and kittens is inevitable

With the support from cat lovers globally we will free Sri Lankan cats from the misery of these unwanted litters. Capstar is our new program to offer high welfare spay-neuter services to our feline friends.

We are already providing high welfare spay-neuter for owned cats and to other cat rehoming group, in 2021 we are piloting a cat TNR ( Trap, Neuter, Release ) which will tackle the issue of feral/stray cats in Sri Lanka. 

During the lockdowns in 2020 , thanks to cat lovers like you we have started a feeding program for street cats

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