Why understanding dog body language is critical

Sri Lankan Street dog - fish market

Providing ongoing skin care to street dogs in a busy fish market in Sri Laka,  especially ones not used to human contact requires patience, observation and understanding of dogs body language  

Prejudice Undermines Animal Welfare

Prejudice Undermines Animal Welfare

An open letter on how prejudice undermines animal welfare. Over the last few days, we have posted some pretty emotional content highlighting the genuine issues of backyard breeding and dog poisonings here in Sri Lanka. While these posts… Read More

Backyard Dog Breeding – Another Victim

backyard dog breeding

Mark and I are deeply saddened to see yet another “pedigree’ dog die here in Sri Lanka. Anna passed away due to the greed associated with backyard dog breeding, and the absurd idea that “pedigree” dogs are superior… Read More

Suggs: A Victim of Backyard Breeding

Backyard Breeding

Meet Suggs: A victim of backyard breeding and the newest member of our family. Another victim of the increasing  “pedigree” backyard breeding/puppy farming industry here in Sri Lanka. Mike (as his breeders called him), was rescued by Animal… Read More

Hope not hate

hope not hate

  The tragic events at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester a few weeks ago and in London at the weekend have given Mark cause for much reflection. The tragic loss of life, the physical and mental injuries… Read More

Ceva Animal Welfare Awards

Ceva Animal Welfare Awards

Dogstar Foundation were announced as the winners of The Charity Team of the Year at the 2017 Ceva Animal Welfare Awards. Mark and I had the honour of collecting the award on behalf of the entire team. We could… Read More

Embracing Positive Change

Sometimes the beauty of our work is as simple as we connect a donor online who cares about their pets with someone here in Sri Lanka who cares about their pets too. Why Positive Change?

The real cost of buying a pedigree dog

pedigree dog

In the last two months we have lost our two rescue  dogs Mr Gru and Anna , both dogs were “pedigree” and both dogs had their lives cut tragically short due to greed and bad breeding, but both dogs… Read More

Goodbye Anna

goodbye anna

Anna passed away this morning just after the sun came up with Mark and I sitting on her bed with her. It was very peaceful, her mind left overnight whilst I slept on the sofa with her and… Read More

Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2017 – Finalists

animal welfare awards

Dogstar are delighted to announce we have been shortlisted as finalists for the Ceva Animal Welfare Charity Team of the Year 2017 Our Sri Lankan field team work tirelessly daily, for their commitment to animal welfare to be… Read More