Transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka

Yawjeewa School – International Literacy Day

September 8th marked International Literacy day, myself and Dogstar volunteer Maria were invited by Miep to attend a special day of fun and communication with the Yawjeewa school and 5 other similar schools from across Sri Lanka. This was held at a special team building facility close to Negombo, with the idea of bonding through

Pack it in! the myth of the alpha dog

“He’s a alpha dog”, “She’s dominant”, “You have to be pack leader” I’ve heard all these phrases this week – as I did last week and the week before! You only have to turn on the TV or look at the internet to find them, along with someone telling you that your dog is really

Prejudice Undermines Animal Welfare

Prejudice Undermines Animal Welfare

An open letter on how prejudice undermines animal welfare. Over the last few days, we have posted some pretty emotional content highlighting the genuine issues of backyard breeding and dog poisonings here in Sri Lanka. While these posts show some of the challenges that animal welfare groups in Sri Lanka face, it’s vital that in

Backyard Dog Breeding – Another Victim

backyard dog breeding

Mark and I are deeply saddened to see yet another “pedigree’ dog die here in Sri Lanka. Anna passed away due to the greed associated with backyard dog breeding, and the absurd idea that “pedigree” dogs are superior in any way to our beautiful Sri Lankan dogs. This beautiful girl was rescued by Embark from