Not a day goes by that every single person in animal welfare globally does not receive heart felt , desperate pleas for help and the awful and brutal reality is that we cannot help every animal. Please can I ask that if you do reach out to a welfare group you respect their answer, if they have reached their capacity for care and they know this than applaud them for being responsible and please don’t tell them the animals will die because they said no , that is a dreadful burden to place on those who already do so much. Every one working or volunteering in animal welfare does so because they want to help animals , they want to make the world a better place , but they are people , real people with feelings and emotions and as well as doing animal welfare work they are trying and most likely failing to have a personal life.

you cannot pour from an empty cup

They have most likely made so many personal and financial sacrifices already , they have had real and terror filled sleepless nights , they worry about the vets bills , they worry about the animals they are not reaching , they worry about Facebook and the emails they have not yet answered , because they care , they care an awful lot. Please don’t play one group against another , please don’t tell group A that group B cared more and helped , just be glad group B had the ability to help that animal , we are all on the same side

Please don’t get angry because a group cannot help , get motivated to help , Adopt , foster , fundraise , support emotionally and advocate for welfare ,  make a difference , please don’t take your frustrations out on the person on the phone or email , you may be the straw that breaks the camels back. And to each and every one of my  animal welfare colleagues worldwide we all need to remember we cannot pour from an empty cup and we need to take care of our selves as well.

This is very much a work in progress for me !