Why do you help animals instead of people?

December 22, 2020

“Why do you help animals instead of people?”
“Why don’t you concentrate on dogs in the UK?”
“Shouldn’t charity begin at home?”

Every now and then, we get asked these questions. We think they’re valid, so we thought we’d break it down if you’ve ever wondered how we came to be, and why we do what we do. 

Small in size, but big on impact...

Dogs don’t exist in vacuums, they have a very real impact on the communities they roam around. Rabies is endemic in Sri Lanka, and dogs are one of its favourite carriers. It’s dangerous for a whole community when a dog isn’t loved.

Our vaccination programme protects dogs and the humans they interact with from deadly disease. As of today, 63,000 dogs and humans are now safe from rabies. No one should die from preventable disease, and your support is unlocking a safer Sri Lanka. 


Not just in the community, but part of it...

We are committed to ensuring our presence in Sri Lanka is a positive one for the communities we serve.

As a result, our award winning veterinary staff are all Sri Lankan, the products we buy and sell are directly from Sri Lankan owned businesses, and you proudly help to fund a breakfast club at a phenomenal school in Negombo.

So, when you support Dogstar, you’re not just supporting your four-legged friends, but the transformation of a whole community. And that transformation goes beyond the here and now - our children's education programme is growing stronger year on year. Soon enough, we’ll have a generation of Sri Lankan Dogstars leading the fight against animal suffering.

Love is universal

Finally, we believe that every animal no matter what country they live in deserves love and care. We just happen to have landed in Sri Lanka, and are working to transform animal welfare here. If you aren’t familiar with the amazing story of our founders, here’s the story of how we ended up 5000 miles away from home. We promise it’s a worthwhile read. 


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