Where do street dogs find food?

July 28, 2022

Sri Lankan street dogs relied on local markets, restaurants and the kindness of strangers for food. But with the arrival of the pandemic, everything changed...  

Pre COVID-19, there were a few different ways a street dog could find food. Scraps offered by restaurants and food markets were gratefully devoured by countless dogs and cats. And many animals simply relied on the kindness of both locals and tourists for food. But when harsh lockdowns were imposed, things shifted drastically.

All of a sudden, businesses shut down and streets emptied, leaving vulnerable street dogs and cats to fend entirely for themselves.

What is the Meals on 3 Wheels feeding programme?

We started the Meals on 3 Wheels feeding programme to ensure hungry street animals continued being fed throughout the pandemic. Every morning, our dedicated team of feeders got up at the crack of dawn and ventured out on tuk-tuks to prevent animals from starving. Armed with a stack of bowls and buckets full of delicious, home-cooked food, they delivered hundreds of nutritious meals to street dogs in need. In fact, they still do! Our Meals on 3 Wheels programme is still going strong today and is very much a staple part of the work we do here at Dogstar.

As we slowly but surely began to recover from the devastation of COVID-19, so did Sri Lanka’s street dog population. But just as their world started to be pieced back together, it was once again torn apart.

Why our feeding programme is still essential

Currently, Sri Lanka is suffering through its worst financial crisis in 70 years. Prices have risen sharply, shelves are bare and fuel is near impossible to get. As people struggle to feed themselves and their families, more and more dogs and cats have found themselves out on the streets.

This means there has been an increase in the number of street animals that rely on the kindness of strangers to make it through the day. But as inflation continues to skyrocket and tourism comes to a grinding halt, these animals are rapidly running out of ways to find food.
That’s why our feeding programme is more important now than ever before. With the love and support of amazing Dogstars like you, we can be there for the increasing number of animals out on the streets. With your help, we can guide, protect and love them through this crisis and into a brighter future.

Become a member of our feeding club today!

Will you lend a helping paw to street dogs in their time of need? Could you be the one to guide them through this crisis?

Just £5 feeds 10 street dogs a nutritious, home-cooked meal to see them through the day. You would be their feeding time superhero!

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