Meet Star

The Sri Lanka puppy who joined Mark, Suggs and I last month as a foster dog and stayed to complete our family. Star was around 5-6 weeks old when a young girl brought her to a clinic we were running on the beach at Negombo. Like so many unwanted puppies Star had been dumped to fend for herself.

Suggs is delighted with his new younger sister and has been learning to play all the puppy games that he was deprived of when he was kept in a barren kennel by his backyard breeder owners. Not every puppy farm dog or unwanted stray puppy is as lucky as Suggs and Star, they are now Dogstar ambassadors highlighting the welfare issues caused by backyard breeders and promoting spay-neuter programs and they also have their own Instagram account

To follow our adorable pairs adventures and for some very cute photos and videos.  follow the Suggs and Star  Instagram account  Suggsy_and_starface

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