update on the dogs you help Beryl

June 02, 2020

Remember Beryl from April, One of our feeders found her with a broken leg That was when the curfew was at its absolute strictest here if you went outside and didn't have a curfew pass you faced arrest, could be sent to a residential quarantine centre for two weeks and your vehicle impounded.

All the vets locally were closed; our veterinary team were under curfew in another district and movement between districts was also prohibited even if you had a curfew pass ( which were hard enough to get ) To be allowed to transport her 35 km to our vets, We had to get special written permission from a senior police officer at our cities central police station!  When Beryl got there and had her x-ray, she had a nasty broken leg and needed six weeks as an inpatient

At the time we thought she was a totally unowned street dog, but as the curfew lifted in the daytime and people were allowed out we found out Beryl is a community dog 

It's a strange term that doesn't really have an equivalent in the UK, but It's a common term across Asia, community dogs are dogs that don't have a specific home but are feed by members of the community or local businesses, often with more than one set of guardians who don't know "their" dogs have other feeders! 

We tracked down Beryl's guardians and discovered she usually hangs out at a tuk-tuk repairs garage with her mum ( both sterilised by Dogstar ) the staff at the garage were so excited to hear we had Beryl and that was okay, ditto the retired lady who lives next door who was feeding them throughout the curfew

Beryl reunited with her guardian

Beryl was so happy to get "home" and see her mum and her people 

Huge thank you to everyone who helped us fund Beryl's police-approved transfer to the vets, her Xrays, pain relief and the six weeks aftercare

With Gratitude 

Team Dogstar 

P.s they don't call her Beryl, they called her Brownie!

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