Our local community have been very responsive and pleased to see the team back, we feel the 2 weeks break we took as a mark of respect after the Easter Sunday attacks was the right thing to do. 

The tourist industry here in Negombo (and countrywide) has literally collapsed overnight. We feel that some street dogs are going to need support as many food sources and feeders may not be available. We have started some baseline assessments and surveys of roaming dog population using a state of the art mobile phone app donated by the fantastic team at WVS in the UK

Thousands of people employed in the tourist trade are suddenly out of work, other companies closed as owners were injured or killed and many families have lost the sole wage earner.

Because caring for dogs is connected to caring for the community we are proud to be working with an amazing local charity( human-focused ) Voice for the Voiceless who are among other things providing food parcels to people who need it. We as a team have donated to their appeal and in return, they will also be identifying households who have animals that also need food and alerting us.

We are going to face new welfare challenges, some may need a whole fresh way of thinking or responding

As we learn more we will be asking you for help, our compassionate supporters who care about animal welfare not just on your doorstep but in a country that some of you have never visited. It takes a special kind of person to be a Dogstar supporter

We are proud we have such professional and dedicated local and international partners as we move forward, together we are stronger and together with your help we will prevent more suffering

a sri lanka street dog looks at the sea