In the last two months we have lost our two rescue  dogs Mr Gru and Anna , both dogs were “pedigree” and both dogs had their lives cut tragically short due to greed and bad breeding, but both dogs were also victims of bad buying. It’s easy to demonise back yard breeders and they do play a major role in the suffering of dogs like Anna and Mr Gru but they are not the only guilty party ,  the end consumer fuels the trade by wanting a “pedigree” dog just because it’s a specific breed and without thinking about the welfare of the parents and the health of the dog purchased.

pedigree rottweiler sri lanka

Legalisation changes can help so far in regulating those who breed for profit but whilst there are still potential buyers who are buying from roadside pet shops or online ads, who don’t want to see the both parents, don’t ask if both parents have expensive pre-health checks and demand to see proof ,don’t ask how old the mother is and how many litters she has had , ask for pups that not tail docked and are vaccinated/wormed , have been socialised and stayed with mum until 8 weeks etc. these for-profit breeders will continue to pump out pups every six months. It’s all down to buyers. Breeding is purely a business for the former owners of an ex-breeding mum like Anna or the people who breed a crippled pup like Mr Gru they will have to stop if no one is buying from them. The real cost of buying from a back yard breeder is often paid for by the dog itself and I don’t think that’s  a price worth paying


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