The challenges of dog rescue during a 24/7 Curfew

April 17, 2020

The Street Dog Feeding Program doesn't just feed hungry tummies...

Meet street dog Beryl , she was hit by a vehicle and left on the side of the road with a broken leg, one of our feeders found her and raised the alarm.

Thats when things got tricky but we ( thankfully ) love a challenge here at Dogstar.

With the 24/7hrs curfew here in Sri Lanka only key workers and people with curfew passes ( we have them to feed dogs ) can go outside and movement between cities and districts is not allowed. Curfew violations can result in your vehicle being impounded and you being arrested and or sent to a government run quarantine centre for 14 days.

We could see Beryl needed an X-ray and to be hospitalised but the Private veterinary facility thats still open to do that is in another city in a separate district.

Anjali our amazing feeding coordinator contacted our local police station to ask for help. They have some street dogs at the police station and Dogstar have sterilised and vaccinated them. They arranged all the permissions and issued us a pass in order that we could transport Beryl the 35km to hospital.

Beryl did indeed have a very nasty broken leg , she has had emergency surgery to save it and is now safe as an inpatient, ignoring her lovely bed to lay on the floor!

Beryl will need 4-6 weeks at the hospital, If you want to help us care for Beryl and other street dogs in crisis you can donate today.

With Gratitude
Team Dogstar and Beryl