A victim of backyard breeding and the newest member of our family.

Another victim of the increasing  “pedigree” backyard breeding/puppy farming industry here in Sri Lanka. Mike (as his breeders called him), was rescued by Animal SOS Sri Lanka (ASOS). He weighed just 17 kilos and was dangerously sick from life-threatening blood parasites and prolonged neglect and abuse. Mike had infected wounds, pressure sores and was pretty much as close to death as is possible for a dog to be while still breathing.  A few months on, Mike has already gained 10 kilos. His team of carers wanted him to experience the happy family life that his previous “owners” had deprived him of. Knowing Mark and I had lost our previous rescue Rottie, Mr Gru, to illness early this year, our friend, and ASOS founder, Kim contacted us and asked if we would be interested in meeting Mike.

sri lanka abused pedigree rottweiler

We visited him at ASOS in June and instantly fell in love with him. Despite years of neglect, abuse and cruelty he has the sweetest nature and a beautiful soul. On July 1st 2017, Mike made the 4-hour journey from Midigama to Negombo with ASOS manager Marie.   He is now called Suggs, which suits his happy and sunny personality and joins our rescue cats Dennis and Tiger Lily, Mark and I. Suggs will follow in Mr Gru’s paw prints to be an ambassador for Rotties. Suggs is already helping to dispel negative stereotypes, promote rescue dogs and help Dogstar campaign against backyard breeders and puppy farms both here in Sri Lanka and globally.


sri lankan rottweiler suggs playing and posing