Dogstar Foundation is Committed to Saving Street Dogs

The program was carefully mapped, planned and calculated. It was wildly ambitious and encompassed many kilometres of territory all with the hope of saving street dogs. We had a single mission: Vaccinate as many dogs as possible and record their data. For 18 days, 12 dedicated and driven Dogstar team members have risen before the sun each morning, with the goal of delivering life-saving Rabies vaccinations to the locally owned and street dog population.

Vaccinating dogs and recording data about their location and health condition are crucial components of the work that Dogstar Foundation undertakes, but, the dogs don’t make it easy! Once they see the Dogstar vans rumbling down the various alleys and streets that they call home, many of them bolt for cover. Some dogs even sound the canine alarm throughout the neighborhood to let their furry friends know that the Dogstar team is in the area!

Mission rabies 2015 negombo project map

But, the Dogstar team cannot be discouraged! running down alleys, scaling walls, hopping fences and clambering across ditches, all in the name of animal welfare. They stop at nothing to catch the dogs, vaccinate them, record their medical health and GPS location via the Mission Rabies App, equip them with a stylish blue Dogstar collar, and designate them as vaccinated with a green mark on the head. The job is not glamorous, but the results are real and literally thousands of dogs that likely never would have been vaccinated receive treatment, which significantly diminishes the prevalence of the rabies virus throughout Sri Lanka. Simply diminishing the presence of the rabies virus isn’t the end goal of The Dogstar Foundation, however; its mission is absolute. The team is determined to completely eradicate the rabies virus from Sri Lanka. We use the data collected to provide humane population control in the same areas, which will save the lives of countless dogs and ease tremendous suffering.

Stage 2 of the vaccination drive in Negombo Lagoon will take place in April alongside our first 100 sterilisation drive which aims to spay/neuter 3000 animals.