⭐ Rock Steady Eddy update ⭐

August 18, 2020

The last week has been a big one for Eddy 

Thanks to your amazing support he has finished his final round of Chemo and the results are looking VERY GOOD 

Eddy has been moved from the inside hospital kennels to larger kennels with an outside exercise area and the chance to meet with some other dogs under supervision

Eddy has found the move challenging; we think he found the smaller hospital kennel a bit more secure, but his bedding and Kong have moved with him which he approves of very much

Eddy in the outside area

Eddy is currently telling us that he does not like other dogs thank you very much ( at all ) and he prefers people he knows, he also prefers females to males but as he has built up a nice relationship with some of the male staff and from the hospital kennels they are continuing to care for him. 

I spent some time with Eddy in the exercise area today, being outside is currently also a bit of a challenge for Eddy so we took it at his pace, with lots of food rewards, positive reenforcement and went back in as soon as he told us that he had enough outside for today

Eddy in the outside area

Dogs like Eddy cannot be rushed, he has suffered both emotional trauma and physical illness previously and its only thanks to you and your support that Eddy ( and our other inpatients ) are given all the time they need to heal both physically and mentally 

Every dog is unique and we don’t pigeon hole them, they all have different needs and the plan for each dog is based on their welfare needs and what works for them, not a cooker cutter “ all street dogs are x or all street dogs need Y”, Street dogs are the same as non-street dogs in that they are all individuals!

 received a message this week telling me “I should just euthanise Eddy because he has suffered enough”, 

I beg to differ, yes Eddy has suffered in his past ( deeply ) but Eddy is not living in his past, he is living in the present and that’s what we have to work with, what Eddy is experiencing now and his physical and mental ability to cope with it. Eddy is not in pain; he is well feed and cared for and we are working to understand his individual needs so we can determine what type of long-term environment Eddy would like to live in. 

It’s totally Eddy centric, his welfare needs are what is driving all our decisions 

As I said dogs like Eddy cannot be rushed, Eddy is going to need time and with your support he has that, we are ordering some more kennel enrichment toys from overseas for Eddy and I have also been talking with some experts who work in rescue centres in the UK on how we can upgrade the exercise area and make it more fun and interesting for longer stay residents like Eddy

If you have donated towards Eddy ( and our other inpatients ) already, thank you, thank you, thank you, for being the lifeline that Eddy needs and keeping him safe and secure

With gratitude 

Eddy , Sam and Team Dogstar