From the Dogstar Team in Sri Lanka and local and international partners and supporters.

Education program Sri Lanka

Does charity really begin at home ?

By Samantha Green | Aug 4, 2013

Whats really more important , the geographical location of charity or its impact ?

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voluntourism dog sri lanka

Voluntourism : Why volunteering overseas can be the wrong choice

By Samantha Green | May 30, 2013

Volunteering overseas can be the wrong choice , often you can help a charity far more effectivity from your own country

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childrerns animal welfare eduction program sri lanka

Childrens education program ” be kind be safe”

By Samantha Green | Mar 7, 2012

Teaching children how to interact with animals safely in a country where Rabies is present saves human life’s and makes the community safer for everyone ,  dog bites and the fear of dog bites can be the trigger for dog culls. Working with a UK based artist Claire Pitt “The Doodologist” , Dogstar Foundation has…

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