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dogstar foundation sri lanka dogs trust ICAWC award

and the winner is….

By Samantha Green | Oct 9, 2014

Congratulations to Mark and Samantha Green for winning the International Training Program award at the 2014 Dogs Trust International Companion Animal Welfare Conferance in Istanbul.    

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sri lanka breed dog hip dysplacia

A pedigree problem

By Samantha Green | Sep 15, 2014

Bruno is a Rottweiler puppy who came into our lives a few months back when we were asked to foster him for another animal welfare organisation

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jaffna library sri lanka street dog

Spay / Neuter in Jaffna

By Samantha Green | Jul 26, 2014

Jaffna a once vibrant city is now home to over 4000 roaming dogs rummaging through mountains of rubbish daily to survive.

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Anurapapura animal shelter cruelty closed

Why you cannot shelter your way out of a street dog overpopulation crisis

By Samantha Green | Jul 14, 2014

As we explained in a previous blog post “Why dog overpopulation is like a leaking tap”, you cannot shelter your way out of street dog overpopulation issues. But what happens when a shelter becomes a death camp for dogs?

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Why dog overpopulation is like a leaking tap

By Samantha Green | Apr 18, 2014

What does dog overpopulation have to do with a leaking tap? If you came home from a 2 week holiday to find a tap running over a sink with the plug in and your entire house was flooded I am pretty sure your first actions would be to turn off the tap and pull the…

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sri lanka street dog errol sitting

Errol | Heartbreaking news

By Samantha Green | Mar 25, 2014

I am simply heartbroken to have to post that Errol died overnight from a suspected snakebite For those of who don’t know Errol’s story you can read it here Errol was amazingly special, he recovered physically and mentally from being cruelly treated and dumped by his previous owners. His heart was as big as a bucket and…

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sri lanka street dog demodex mange sigiriya

Helping us, helping you, helping them

By Samantha Green | Mar 20, 2014

Please can you help this dog ? A common request in the hundreds of emails and Facebook messages we receive every year from holidaymakers or residents that have seen animals suffering due to over population or neglect The majority of requests from residents come from the capital or surrounding beach areas where there are a…

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homeless dogs

Project Liberty

By Samantha Green | Dec 26, 2013

Owned dogs in Sri Lanka can face just as many welfare issues as street dogs . Many are permanently chained or kenneled often without access to water. Poorly socialised and rarely handled they can develop aggressive behaviour to the point that owners cannot even approach them

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Charity shock tactics, are they ever a good idea ?

By Samantha Green | Dec 4, 2013

A recent article via The Guardian says that charities like Dogstar Foundation that avoid traditional images of extreme poverty/neglect in favour of a more positive campaign which shows the results the charities work receive far less donations and support than charities that show negative imagery and shocking images

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