Negombo Dog Population Management

Introducing our Negombo dog population management project: “Project Sirius” is Dogstar’s Rabies eradication and dog population management project in Negombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka. Project Sirius is a three-year program to rabies vaccinate and surgically sterilise a minimum of 70 % of dogs in the Negombo Municipal area.

Year one kicks off on 21st January with a 20-day mass vaccination program, with the support of Mission Rabies we will be using GPS technology to record every single dog vaccinated, recording its ownership status, sterilisation status and body condition score. Every dog is marked with temporary colour spray and the same area re-surveyed the following day to assess the % vaccinated. Between March and December, we deliver a 100-day sterilisation program using the same GPS technology and surveying tools to plan and deliver clinics where they are most needed and monitor results.

Our Veterinary Partners Best Care Animal Hospital have purchased a new truck that is currently being fitted out with a purpose built air-conditioned surgical unit which we will upgrade over the project to include gas anaesthesia & an on board lab.

clininc sterilisation cartoon sri lanka

Education and Project Sirius awareness sessions will be delivered in Sinhala, Tamil and English covering subjects like bite avoidance, animal welfare, how dog population management and herd immunity works and why dog culling, poisoning and relocations do not Project Sirius is quite simply the biggest and most ambitious animal welfare and human health project we have ever delivered. We will be working with hotels, local business owners, municipal council staff, veterinarians and the Medical Officer of Health/PHI teams.

Project Sirius will quite simply change the face of animal welfare in Negombo forever.