Meet the dogs you feed ⭐ Jessamy ⭐

May 13, 2020

A few days ago, when feeding Boris and the dogs at the fish market, a man appeared on a bike asking if we could help some more dogs at one of the fish market buildings.

He directed us to the refuelling station for deep-sea vessels where the staff and fishermen there have a small group of dogs they feed. Of course, with the lockdown and reduction in people working its been quite challenging for the security guard to feed all the dogs. He had heard we were feeding dogs in the market and thankfully asked everyone passing his gate to keep an eye out for us. 

We have already sterilised most of the adult dogs living there; you can see by the small v shape missing from one ear ( so we don't pick up the same dog twice ). The security guard showed us a young puppy he had found dumped in the road just before Curfew started.

small puppy eats from a plate in Negombo fish market

A number of the dogs are now are displaying the start of Demodex mange. A condition caused by tiny mites under the skin surface that can flare up when the dog's immune system is under stress and can often be linked to malnutrition 

At the moment ( like Boris ) none of these dogs will tolerate touch, it's not the relationships they have previously had with people, and they don't know us either. In a situation like this, we need to respect the dog's body language and work at a pace they can handle. Our plan will be to feed them daily and build some trust, and then we can decide for each dog if applying a spot-on or a tablet in their food is a better option. There are pros and cons to each approach, so it's vital we match the response with the individual dog here as to not cause them a long term fear of us.

a street dog suffering from mange eats from a plate

We have called the pup Jessamy after a very courageous and inspirational Dogstar supporter. As we get to know the rest of the dogs and see their individual personalities, we can name them too ( they don't have any names we checked ) 

We will also record all the dogs there on our system so that Jessamy and any others not sterilised can be taken for surgery as soon as our free spay-neuter program starts up again. 

Everything is interlinked, the emergency feeding programs supporters are funding, leads us to dogs that need skin treatment, sterilisation and vaccinations

If you have donated to the emergency feeding program, you are not only helping pups like Jessamy get fed you are changing the course of their life and encouraging and rewarding compassion in the community they live in

2 dogs eat in front of boats in Negombo Harbour