Meet the Dogs you feed
⭐ Branston and Pickle ⭐

April 22, 2020

Branston and Pickle joined one of our feeding rounds a few weeks ago and they were both very unweight and incredibly nervous of us , a few weeks on the “Dogstar diet ™” and they are looking a lot better and come running over as soon as they hear us coming 

Not every dog we work with wants to be touched and we never force contact on a dog , we let them choose how much they want to interact with us , we name them , talk to them and let them take it at their own pace. When we first start working with nervous dogs we use a very long lens to get photos so we are not invading their space 

It’s always a brilliant moment when dogs ask for physical contact and today both Branston and Pickle wanted a fuss after they had licked their plates clean , Pickles tail was firmly clamped under her belly a few weeks ago so this was a big deal for her and us 

We want to say a HUGE thank to everyone who is supporting our emergency feeding program , you are a lifeline to dogs like Branston and Pickle 

If you want to help feed more dogs like Branston and Pickle with hungry tummies you can donate securely.

Donate via text ( UK only )
Text 'LOVEDOGS' followed by a donation amount between 1-20 to 70085
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With Gratitude
Team Dogstar

Whats the COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka

Our area of Sri Lanka is still under 24/7hr curfew and it means not going out at all unless you have police permission ( we do for feeding dogs ) . If you are outside without it you can be arrested your vehicle impounded and in some cases placed into a residential quarantine centre for 14 days.

So who normally feeds these animals?

Normally our local street dogs and cats get fed by the community, tourists, hotels, shops, stallholders or the fishermen at the fish market etc but now due to Curfew none of those food sources exist.

When did this start?

We have been under 24/7 curfew here since mid March and whilst some lessening of restrictions are planned this week we knew many of these animals simply will not survive without additional help.

How many dogs and cats do you feed each day

Our team of staff and volunteers are now feeding approx 325-350 animals daily, We are working to increase the number we can reach and are donating food to other groups and individuals locally who are feeding street dogs and cats.

Is it safe?

We adhere strictly to all Police, Government and Health Ministry restrictions on movement and social distancing.

Each team member works alone unless they are working with a household member, its vital our program does not undermine the amazing work the Sri Lankan Government and Ministry of Health is doing to flatten the curve and protect life.