Why love is stronger than hate

April 23, 2021

Our ethos has never been more important

Almost 15 years ago, Dogstar was founded on the basis that love can always win over hate.

After experiencing the London 7/7 terror attacks, our founders Sam and Mark doubled down on a mission to spread love. It took them thousands of miles away, to put their project management skills to the test on a journey to end animal suffering in Sri Lanka.

Years on, it’s been an incredible journey - working with a team of passionate Sri Lankan vets to make this new vision for Sri Lanka’s animals a reality. But two years ago, Dogstar experienced another tragedy that brought our ethos of love always wins, into focus. 

On Easter Sunday 2019, Sri Lanka was the victim of a series of terror attacks.

Our home city of Negombo was one of the cities targeted. We mourned. And we felt a sharp impact as countries banned travel to Sri Lanka. Our founders were outspoken that they felt governments were giving into terrorism and hurting our local community - including our animals who rely on tourists and local businesses.

Lockdowns were put into place after the attacks. And yet, where we could we were out loving the animals and communities of Sri Lanka. Because love is the only way we will make positive change. 

Then the pandemic rolled around, and so many of us have struggled. So many of us have lost loved ones. Yet, through the pandemic, one thing has shown itself to be true:

Love can win. 

Love raises millions for the NHS. Love powers national volunteer schemes ensuring our elderly are supported. Love can even feed hundreds of street dogs in Sri Lanka week in and week out. 

Choosing to love, even when it is hardest and we are at our most isolated, brings about so much positive change. 

That’s what we admire so much about you. Even this year, when you and the ones you love have felt alone, you have chosen to love animals halfway across the world. Words can not express how much your generosity, compassion and unwavering kindness means to us. The animals we feed simply would not have survived without you. 

So Dogstar, even when it’s hard, remember that love always wins. And out of our darkest moments, love can restore tail wags, fill hungry bellies and save four-legged lives.