Little treatments can get big results - Boris's story

June 27, 2022

Too many street dogs in Sri Lanka are dealing with painful skin conditions. But dogs like Boris show us that change is possible.

This photograph was taken when #TeamBlue first met Boris back in April 2020 at the fish market. As you can see, this poor boy was in a very sorry state back then. He was suffering from Demodex Mange, and his skin was incredibly itchy and inflamed, with very little fur covering his body. Boris’s physical condition was also having a negative effect on his mental health. Being around other dogs and humans made him incredibly anxious, making the treatment of his skin an even greater challenge.

Boris eats from a bowl with obviously sore and furless skin.

This is where your delicious meals came in...

Thanks to your love and dedication, the team were able to venture to the fish market daily to feed Boris. We hid pain beating medications in the tasty meals you lovingly provide, and slowly but surely, we started to notice improvements. Not only was Boris’s skin starting to improve, but he became less wary around us. Once we had started to gain Boris’s trust, the next step was to administer some on the spot treatments. Something easier said than done - did we mention that Boris couldn't bear to be touched?

Thankfully, #TeamBlue is blessed with some stealthy ninjas! They had to work swiftly to apply the medication which would help heal Boris’s poorly skin, but we made sure to preoccupy him with your delicious meals to make the experience as positive and as stress free as possible.

Boris stands in front of a plate of food and looks off to the side. His fur has regrown and he looks very healthy.

Now take a look at Boris today...

Because of you, Boris is no longer suffering. You have eradicated his indescribable pain. You have helped his fur grow back. You have given him plates of warm, nourishing food to look forward to. You have not just changed his life - you have saved his life.

As the situation in Sri Lanka continues to unfold, we’ve never been more thankful for you. You have your own worries to contend with (it feels like times are tough for everyone the world over right now) but your endless support and compassion has given us the determination to power through this crisis. We’re not sure when things will start to get better, but one thing we know for certain is that with you by our side, the street dogs and cats you cherish will continue to receive the care, love and protection they deserve. Thank you for being their sunshine on a rainy day.

Boris looks directly into the camera with his mouth open and his tongue out.

Can you give a small gift with an extraordinary impact?

Treating street dogs like Boris with skin conditions doesn't have to cost the earth.

Did you know that £13 buys specially medicated anti-fungal shampoo?

Right now, every single penny counts. And you can be assured that whatever you are able to give will put smiles on the faces of more street dogs like the lovely Boris.

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