Ten years ago today a series of bombs on the London Underground and a London Bus killed 52 people. Over 700 others were injured. Many lives were changed that day, including Mark and I, who worked for London Undergrounds then privatised engineering department. 

We both worked for over a week in the tunnels with the bomb damaged trains. We both saw things no one should ever see and it had a profound effect on us both. A year later I travelled alone to Sri Lanka. I had lost my job in a company downsizing scheme. I was still suffering from the effects of what I had seen and done in those tunnels. I was pretty much a broken human being; very raw and very angry.

That trip was meant to be a one off, a short term break from the UK to help me get ready to go back to full-time employment. But then, in a fateful turn of events, my path crossed with a Temple dog called Mango. I took the first steps on the path to setting up Dogstar, leaving the UK and moving to Sri Lanka.

Dogstar Foundation is Born

Both Mark and I had seen how fragile life is. We saw how a few people filled with hate and rage can, in a single moment, do so much damage, hurting so many people. When we started Dogstar after I met Mango we wanted to do the opposite. We wanted to show how a few people filled with love and a positive intent can connect with people world wide. That is how we began to create a network to help animals and people in a country many will never even visit.

We do not want to be bitter and I hope we are not. Mark and I, and our Dogstar team, try to approach each day with a belief that we can change the world and make it a better place. Dogstar is a still a small charity but, at its heart is a belief that no act of kindness is ever too small. We are all connected and every single act of compassion counts no matter who it’s directed towards. Today, here in Sri Lanka, on the 10th anniversary of this dreadful attack I feel we have finally come to peace with those events. Like every day in the last ten years, all the victims of July 7th, their loved ones, friends and family are in our thoughts.

Samantha Green.
Sri Lanka.
7th July 2015.