How Tommy became the 5000th dog sterilised in Negombo

March 28, 2017

Your ambition is ending the overpopulation crisis.

In the 4th largest city in Sri Lanka, an ambitious project, funded by you, has been putting an end to the suffering caused by overpopulation. 

On February 16th 2017, Tommy became the 5000th dog sterilised at our Negombo project. Negombo has struggled with dog overpopulation for years, leading to poor animal health and conflicts between businesses and unwanted dogs.

That’s why our programme is so ambitious, with our project zone covering the entire city - from 5 star tourist areas to some of the largest fish markets on the island with communities from a variety of cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

Not just a ‘stray’ dog problem

It’s a misconception that most dogs in Sri Lanka are stray - and often dramatic and unrealistic figures are quoted about the number of dogs here. And it’s not only street dogs that breed unwanted dogs. 

In Negombo, our 2016 survey showed that 83% of dogs have an owner or guardian - however many of these dogs are allowed to roam around unsupervised for part of the day.

Roaming dogs can get pregnant and father litters, and unwanted litters are often abandoned in the fish markets or tourist areas.


But Dogstars never shy away from a challenge

Our team of top tier Sri Lankan field surgeons and veterinary assistants have been out targeting both owned and unowned dogs. Working hand and hand with owners, we can speed up the process of ending overpopulation, and give real time advice about improving their animals welfare. 

Spreading world class knowledge is what we do best

These types of programmes are often called Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release (CNVR) in the animal welfare community. Our team of Dogstars are constantly working towards, and want to raise the bar of, the best practice standards for CNVR programmes. 

Thanks to your compassion, we are able to work with and learn from industry experts, which in turn we pay forward to any local or international group for free. 

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