How has our work changed during Sri Lanka’s financial crisis?

July 20, 2022

The impacts of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis are widespread. But where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Here’s how we’ve adapted our feeding programme to ensure the animals you love keep receiving your delicious meals.

A big cooking pot filled with food sits on an open fire. A member of the Dogstar feeding team attends to the fire.

Cooking over an open fire

The cooking gas used to cook your meals for the dogs is almost impossible to get. Even when it is available, the price is a whopping four times higher than it was in October 2021. Severe shortages and skyrocketing prices have threatened to derail our feeding programme. But here at Dogstar, we’re never afraid of a challenge.

In the absence of cooking gas, we’re now cooking your meals over an open fire! Your love and support has allowed us to build an outside cooking area where Team Blue cook your breakfasts late into the evening. This is to ensure the food has sufficiently cooled down by morning, ready to be devoured by the dogs you love.

A member of the Dogstar feeding team sits on an electric scooter. A brown dog is sat on the grass to his right.

Delivering your meals on an electric scooter

Sri Lanka’s fuel shortages have been crippling. New shipments have been few and far between and people have waited in fuel queues for days at a time. The tuk-tuks we use to deliver your meals to the animals run on petrol, so fuel is essential to continue our feeding programme. 

But with the love, support and encouragement of the amazing Team Dogstar family, we are now delivering your loving meals on an electric scooter! In other words, the Meals on 3 Wheels has temporarily become the Meals on 2 Wheels. This scooter was donated to us in December 2021, and we’ve never been more grateful for it than we are now. Against all the odds, we have been able to continue feeding hundreds of precious animals in need. All because of the unwavering support of Dogstars like you.

A large stack of pumpkins.

Buying in bulk

Sri Lanka’s annual inflation jumped to an all time high of 54.6% in June 2022. With food prices skyrocketing, sourcing the ingredients needed for your meals is now more difficult than ever before. 

Not only have we tweaked our recipes to use more easily available ingredients, we’re now partnering with local farmers to buy veggies in bulk! This is a great way to support local businesses who are also struggling in this crisis. Plus, it ensures we get the most produce for every generous donation of yours.

A quick note to say...

Though we do find ourselves in extremely challenging and uncertain times, it’s you that has kept our operation going against all the odds.

Your encouraging words have inspired us to adapt to the obstacles thrown our way. And your generous donations have ensured these animals continue receiving the care and love they deserve in this devastating crisis. 

With your continued support, we will keep finding weird and wonderful ways to care for these animals. Because where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

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